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The large variation in issues that a child may face and their extent is not the same for every student which makes the requirements too not being the same for every child. This spells the need for high personalization of tuition for every student. We at the Tuition arena provide exactly that.

Either We analyze what your child needs and devise a plan ourselves or your child specifically asks for what they need and we cater to it

Personalization is the approach that separates us from generalized tutors.

A lot of factors influence the requirements for additional learning for students, like:

They missed a class,

They might not understand at the time of teaching

Or, they didn’t have the prerequisite for that particular topic

...and possibly more other uncertainties.

We work for an improved and easy to use education platform where every student’s unique requirements are catered effectively and reliably.

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Analyzing your child from our end

In this, we conduct a small examination whose aim is to understand where your child is strong and where he/she lacks thus needs help. With this knowledge, we prepare a working plan of study that focuses on these and makes sure your child learns all the needed concepts effectively.

In general, teachers follow a predetermined schedule and teach all students the same content. Sure, there would be sessions where they can ask their doubts, but that could be limited in time.

Being the whole point of tuition to fill the gap, there is a high need for reliably solving the problem of personalization.

Our Tuition program does this in two ways:

Imparting help as your child asks

Sometimes, students may be facing a particular problem and might not find a solution anywhere. Our students can also submit a specification of their problems through our application and After a maximum period of one or two days, we would make a detailed solution including a video for that specific problem and your child can solve the problem. The time period is only maximum, as soon as the solution is complete, they would be notified through our app!

With this, your child would not be wasting valuable time knowing something they already know perfectly and focus on the needed things.

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How we create
future success for your child

We FIND ALL the Gaps in your Childs School Work

To Find their Gaps in their Academic Schoolwork Subjects.

We TEACH ALL the Gaps in your Childs School Work

We have a Proven Method to Teach your child How to Write Good Simple Notes and How to Revise so that the new work learned, is Totally Understood.

We MANAGE the REVISION to create EXAM SUCCESS for your Child

Once your child has Good Simple Understanding of a Subject Topic, Interest of School Work, Motivation and Exam Confidence increases consistently, leading to Academic Success at School.

We have a System to RETAIN ALL THE WORK your Child Learns.

It’s fact that any work you learn will be lost over time UNLESS the work is REGULARLY REVISED and MANAGED, until the knowledge and understanding becomes part of your child’s permanent Long Term Memory.

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