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A personalized online tuition center in UK

At The Tuition Arena, we have created a very successful online tuition system that produces 100% pass rates for your child on every single topic that they will cover at The Tuition Arena.

Systematic Learning



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A personalized online tuition center in UK

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Why The Tuition Arena

Intelligent System

The Tuition Arena system find the gaps in your child’s academic school work subjects. Then, for each child, creates a personalised learning plan that focuses on filling gaps rather than wasting time on things they already know.

30 Years of Expirience

With our 30 years of teaching experience, we know the major problems that exist in the tutoring systems. At The Tuition Arena, we have solved these problems by creating unique, easy to use and intelligent online learning system.

Academic success

Our proven teaching method improves your child's knowledge and understanding of every subject they study at The Tuition Arena. Regular revision system keeps their knowledge fresh and increases exam confidence.

This is what distinguished us from the other tutors.

Further to this, we have created a tuition management system that will maintain the good results that your child achieves for the long term. This is a key factor, as many tuition systems will provide you with learning that will only be temporary, and as time moves on, your child will forget the work taught and it will be like your child never did the work. All of the time, energy, and money that you put into your child to get the results to pass the exam are all wasted.

At The Tuition Arena, every single student works at the own pace according to the ability, contribution and drive; and every child is guaranteed a 100% pass rate on every single topic they cover at The Tuition Arena before they move onto the next topic, and there is a backup system to make sure that the work that your child has been taught, learned and understood is kept for the future months ahead. This way when exams arrive, children are up to speed on all the topics and can easily revise and get good scores leading to educational success.

The Tuition Arena has solved the major problems that exist in the education and tutoring systems

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