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Tips for passing 11+ maths exam

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Tips for passing 11 Plus maths exam

11+ examinations are important for those children who wish to go to a grammar school. While all subjects are considerably tough and need to be studied, many children in the UK are affected by math anxiety due to which they may face greater trouble for maths exams.

Here, in this article, we will discuss essential tips for helping your child pass the exam. Hopefully, these tips will help you to alleviate the stress and anxiety for you and your child about the 11+ math exam and your children pass the exam with a good score.

In this article, we do not only discuss the “technical” tips for the 11+ math exam but take other important things into consideration.

Tips for passing the 11+ maths exam:

Have a good plan and stick to it:

Planning is important for anything we do. Having a good plan for the preparation of the 11+ exam makes sure that you have a concrete path to follow and also that you reach the end result you want.

Apart from having plans, sticking to the plan you devise is equally important. The “plan” here does not refer to a rigid plan, but the current and most updated plan. Plans could be changing because there would be certain situations where the plan might be inadequate and you need to update it.

Have High quality Notes:

Having notes that succinctly and completely provides you the concept is very important in studying for and particularly revising for the 11+ math exam. An important characteristic of notes is that they help to reduce information into manageable size and only contain the key points pertaining to a lesson. With that kind of notes, it would be easier to refer to the concepts and prepare well for the exam.

Practice 11+ past and Sample Papers:

Practising is particularly important in subjects like math. While practising the problems provided within the books is fine, it would be highly beneficial if they practise the past and certain sample papers.

Solving these papers would build intuition of the children as to how the test is going to be and also builds confidence that they can solve the problem in real time.

Practice 11+ past and Sample Papers

Don't move too fast:

Some parents might have a tendency to move fast through the subject in order to cover much of the topics quickly and move on to other subjects. This situation could also come in the context of having less time to prepare. However, math for 11+ exams is very concept oriented and if its study is rushed, there would potentially be a problem that your child would be overwhelmed and not completely understand the concept.

Memorize the Times tables:

Obviously numeric calculations are important and as your children cannot use calculators in their 11+ exam, it is important for them to be able to fastly, accurately and effortlessly calculate different problems. In those calculations, multiplications usually take a long time.

Times Table is basically a list of different multiples of a particular number. So, making your children fully aware of the times tables would help them tackle multiplication problems easily.

Focus on the required concepts:

It is certainly important to practise each and every concept, however, it would be bad if the children are made to practise over and over again the concept they are perfect in where they are having much problem in certain other concepts.

Before making them practise everything, first get an understanding of what concepts they are perfect in and what concepts they are particularly weak in. Armed with this knowledge, you can help the children specifically with the concepts they are having a hard time with.

Good revision strategy:

Practising throughout the preparation time is important, but it is also important to have a revision strategy. Very few children remember everything on the first go. Through constant practise and revision of important topics, they would easily understand the topics and remember them in a way that will let them attempt the exam with ease.

Conduct “Mock” examinations:

Making your children experience the environment of the exam is an important task to do. That is, your child must feel and understand the silence and the time limitations of the exam. This is important as they must not only solve the problems correctly, but also in time.

For that, have a timer and let your children try to answer all the exam questions in allotted time. These mock examinations are also a great tool for revision. You can also get together with some other parents you know and recreate an exam environment with other children. There also would be various 11+ support groups for any help.

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Have adequate breaks:

Making children work for long hours can have a large amount of adverse effects. In your study plan, make sure you allot many instances of study breaks. These breaks would help in refreshing them so they would be active for next iteration.

Assure them that this is not the end of the world!

This is the most important thing that we want to say. It is certain that the 11+ exam is very important and it would be highly desirable to pass the paper with good results. However children must not be made to think that their complete worth depends on this score and must be assured that no matter the result, you always love them and there is always a way for a better life!

That’s it! Those were some of the most important tips that we think would help you along preparation of your child. However, apart from them it is also very important to take care of your children’s health. They must be given highly nutritious food and must get ample amounts of sleep. All the best for the exams!

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