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Parent FAQs & Answers

Samantha from Cardiff has asked the question...

What subjects do you teach at

At The Tuition Arena we teach the core subjects, Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Plus 11+ Grammar school entrance Examination. Some of the key topics and skills we help children master are:

Mental Maths, Times Tables, Word Power, Punctuation, Grammar, Reasoning Skills, Comprehension Skills, Note making Skills, Time Management Skills, Revising Skills, Examination Skills and many more learning and Memory Skills.

Sharan Croydon has asked the question

What is the best age for my child to start at

The best age to start a child with extra educational tuition support is at an early age between the ages of 3 to 5. But you have to be very careful that you choose the right educational tuition system, because it is the wrong one you'll be ending of wasting your time energy money and most importantly you will be jeopardising the prospect and the potential of your child.

So a better question you would be to ask yourself is how do I choose the best possible tuition system for my child?

The reason why we feel that is the best possible tuition system is because we have spent many years looking at all the problems of the educational systems and produced a solution to solve them.

Jaspreet from Slough has asked a question...

My child is having trouble with times tables and mental maths at school, can The Tuition Arena help with this?

Yes of course can definitely help with this, because we have created a simple mental arithmetic package which trains children to improve their mental maths skills which successful results in a short amount of time. Book a free trial for the time table package and see the amazing results we can create for your child.

Colin from Burnham has asked the question...

What is the first stage in starting online tuition lessons at

The first stage in starting lessons at The Tuition Arena is to have an assessment carried out on your child to see what level your child comes out at and what are the exact gaps that your child has on their learning, knowledge, ability and skills. A lot of the time parents have an impression that the children are doing well at school or at tuition classes and when an assessment is carried out on those subjects, a lot of the time parents are extremely shocked at the number of gaps they see in the child's knowledge and understanding, in the subject they thought their child was doing well in.

Imran from Coventry has asked the question...

How does the decide what to teach to my child?

Initially The Tuition Arena carries out an assessment for the overall subject being assessed, and then once The Tuition Arena has found all the gaps in your child's understanding and knowledge, The Tuition Arena will start teaching your child all the gaps in their knowledge and understanding from the bottom moving upwards and further to this, The Tuition Arena will make sure that your child scores 80% or over on each and every topic they do, before your child moves on to the next topic in the course. Then, as time moves on, your child will be retested on all the previous topics to make sure that your child is not moving on forward while forgetting the gaps that have been taught in previous months.

Cameron from London has asked the question...

My child is having trouble at school with fractions can help with this isolated problem?

Yes of course we could help. As well as carrying outfall assessment and big starting a course from the beginning, The Tuition Arena can help your child solve singular problems that they are having a school and create successful results of scores 80% and above. As well as doing complete courses, The Tuition Arena wants your child to stay on top of their schoolwork at all times, therefore children bring their schoolwork to the forefront and these problems are solved before any other problems or coursework is covered.

Lily from Stratford has asked the question...

My child has an exam on magnetism in a few days and wants to check how well she knows the subject, can The Tuition Arena help with this?

Yes, The Tuition Arena can definitely help with revising singular topics ready to pass the exams with successful results. Successful tools on our platform that we use to help your child revise any subject or topic near to the time of their exam.

Gordon from Norwich has asked the question...

Can teach individual topics rather than teach a whole educational program?

Yes. The Tuition Arena can help your child on individual topics they are struggling with at school successful results and scores on 80% and above.

Manoj from Leicester has asked the question...

Can my child use to revise topics before exams they have covered at school?

Yes, definitely The Tuition Arena can help your child revise topics before an exam with some very interesting tools that creates excellent success with scores of 80% and above.

Pravin from Windsor has asked a question...

How can help me improve my child's word power?

The Tuition Arena has an excellent word power programme, that will help your child improve their word power with very high success rates and scores of 80% or more on each and every topic they cover.

Jason from Manchester has asked the question...

How can make revising fun for my child?

At The Tuition Arena the majority of our work has been designed to create future success, a 100% guaranteed progress and pass rate on each and every topic your child will do at The Tuition Arena. But having said this The Tuition Arena has created many fun games and quizzes that help your child with the revision, which are proven to produce amazing results in a short span of time.

Greg from High Wycombe has asked the question...

How does guarantee 100% pass rate on every single topic, my child covers at The Tuition Arena?

Basically, initially when your child will do the work they may not score high marks, but after the work has been taught, noted, revised and practice for homework will be retested in order to score 80% or above, before your child will be able to move onto the next topic.

Vunlee from Harrow has asked a question...

If my child is having problems achieving successful results on, what steps will The Tuition Arena take to help my child?

If your child is having problems achieving successful results with us, then we will follow a plan from the many safety checks and facilities we are created to help provide support and encouragement for your child in order to get your child back on track with their work.

Nita from Edgware has asked the question...

As a parent, what is my role and what do I have to do in order for The Tuition Arena system to work?

The role of The parent should be simply to provide support, encouragement and motivation towards following the rules set out by The Tuition Arena in order to achieve successful results and guaranteed pass rates.

Anita from Langley has asked the question...

How will I know how well my child is doing in the work they are doing at

At The Tuition Arena all parents will receive real time results of all the work their child carries out at on platform. All parents will be able to act upon these results instantly in the best possible way they see fit.

Mr Khan from Bradford has asked the question...

Does platform give homework and how will I know if my child is doing the homework set?

All children working on platform will have homework on the work they covered on a weekly basis. The homework will appear 3 days after covering the work and can be done on any day after 3-6 days in that week. All homework scores will be instantly sent to the parent via email in real time and If your child scored a low mark, then your child would still have a few days to do more revision on the work that they have learned and be ready for the retest on the seventh day.

Jasmine from Notting Hill has asked the question...

In addition to going to school, what are the benefits of having extra tuition lessons?

In addition to your child's school work, in my professional opinion, I think it's absolutely essential to have the right tuition support in order to achieve educational success at the end of your child's time spent at school. This is because your child will move from class to class, changing teachers on many occasions, and throughout this time it is very easily possible for your child to have fallen behind in parts of their work. Slowly, bit by bit your child could be losing ground without you even knowing.

By having the right extra tuition support, all the gaps in your child's understanding and knowledge would be picked up by the right tuition system and taught efficiently, so that your child does not fall behind at any stage of their education.

Jenny from Burnham has asked the question...

The biggest trouble that I'm having with my son and many of my parent friends are also having is that, our children are just not interested in education and our children are not taking it seriously. It's a struggle and headache to get them to their school work, never mind any extra tuition work.

As educator with over 30 years of experience, I totally understand where you're coming from and I've seen this situation appear so many times, and as a result of this at The Tuition Arena we have created specialised encouragement, motivation and mindset seminars to help children just like yours, become more interested in their educational journey and begin put more effort into their school work and extra educational studies.

This is a simple problem that we have solved many times before with amazing successful results.

Colleen from Langley has asked the question...

My question is how do I get my child to take education seriously?

This is a good question and there are many solutions to this. The good news is that this problem can easily be solved by following a simple trial and error process.

If possible, the best way to get your child to become interested in education, it's a start at a very early age with a proven procedure never fails. If your child is older and at this stage, they are stubborn and resistant to doing work related activities. Here are some things that you can try... because your child lives under your roof and you pay all the bills you should be able be the master of your own home

Plus, the fact that you have the most love for your child and years of life experience behind you, you are the best person to set the rules for your child to follow.

Unfortunately, it has to be tough love at times and in the long run your child will thank you for all the hard decisions that you made along the way.

One of the biggest keys to getting your child to do what you want is to know that there are many things that your child cherishes and enjoys doing, so you can easily leverage these to get your child to do their educational studies.

For example, if your child loves to play on their PlayStation, this is a good leverage because you could make an agreement with your child that once all their educational work is done after school and you the parents are happy with their work, they can then go and play on their PlayStation.

TThe leverage could quite easily be watching television, going out with their friends, having a favourite food, staying up a bit later, watching their favourite TV programme, playing games, going on social media, or a big event that might be planned for the future. Whatever your leverage is, you be able to use this leverage successfully to get your child to the important necessary tasks and activities which are vital to your child’s successful development. Remember, you are the boss when it comes to your children and if you believe this and act this out you will be able to deliver awesome successful results.

At The Tuition Arena we run seminars to help parents support, encourage, motivate and inspire their children to do more in their educational work. Good luck and have fun.

Tony from Cippenham has asked the question...

I would like my child to speak good English both at home and school how can we do this?

For your child to speak good English, from an early age a parent must expand and evolve their child's word power skills. This does not mean teaching your child huge words in order for them to show off. But this means to teach your child a range of new words each and every week to expand the word power skills. Now there’s no point learning good words, if your child does not know the meaning of the words or be able to use the words in the correct context.

For example, if your child was to learn the new word "adequate" which means [ENOUGH]. Now what use would this word be if your child could not use this word in the correct context. So if your child wrote the sentence... Tom asked Mary if she had adequate supplies for the camping trip. In this sentence the word "adequate" is used in the correct context. Now if your child wrote the sentence... Tom was so full after eating such a large meal he said he had adequate. In this sentence, the word "adequate" is not used correctly in context. Can you see how important it is to not only know how to spell and know the meaning of large words, but to be able to speak and write new words in the correct context in sentences. At The Tuition Arena we have developed very successful learning packages that help your child to learn new words on a weekly basis, which involves learning the spelling, meaning and being able to use them in context in the spoken and language work.

Michael from Loughborough has asked the question...

I've heard a lot of children say including my own children, that they don't know what they want to be when they're older and why should they be learning all these ridiculous subjects and topics school. Why does the school system choose to teach subjects and topics that the children will never use in their real life? I heard one child say where will I use Shakespeare? Another said where will I use geography? Another asked, why do I need to learn all this science? I don't want to become a scientist?

From my view with over 30 years of teaching experience, I can honestly say that the school curriculums set at present help children develop a variety of disciplines, knowledge and understanding of the concepts in the real world.

The school syllabus teaches your child to be organised, disciplined and structures your child's days, weeks, months and years, so that your child learns new skill sets, gains valuable knowledge, understand methodology, allows the opportunity to explore new practical activities and experiments, discusses and debates interesting relevant topics in the world that we live in... and so much more. A general understanding of history, religion, politics, geology, the Arts, fitness, health and food technology are all very important to explore in the early years of a child's education. By doing such a variety of activities and studies your child will be able to develop an open mindset, and allow your child to look at the world in an informed and educated way. This will lead your child to making better decisions in the future, more opportunities and more successful results in their life. The fact that children don't know what they want to be when they're older is not a problem at all, because even the children who do know what they want to become may not become that in the future and even if they do reach what they want to become, they may not like that choice or want something else when they get to an older age. If your child wanted to become a doctor in their early years of education, what really does this mean? Does a young child really know what a doctor would do in their job, what their responsibilities would be, what lifestyle a doctor would have, the sacrifices needed to be made, how much work and dedication it would need in order to become a doctor and many more things like this. The answer is simply no; your child would have no idea what it means to take on the profession of a doctor at an early age in their life. The best way to approach future career prospects is to be open to do as many activities projects and courses to allow yourself to develop your skill sets in all directions, so that when you become older, more mature and in more control of your future prospects, you can intellectually analyse all the skills that you've learnt and decide which area would you like to pursue and work in.

Just imagine if your child didn't go to school and was left at home to their own devices to play, mess around, have fun and just be disorientated in all directions with no focus all the early years of their life... Do you really think that your child would be developed, responsible, organised with an open attitude and have an intellectual mindset?

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