How it works

There are many problems in our education system. One of the major issues is that children spend most of their time listening in schools. They will forget those lectures in a few days if the topics are not revised and understood.

Revision before exams is necessary to remember the topics of a subject. But it’s very hard to revise all concepts at the last moments. Thus revision in regular intervals is necessary but who will remind the children? Teachers in tuitions can’t focus on individual students as there are many children to cover and explain their doubts in subjects.

About The Tuition Arena

The Tuition Arena aims to solve these problems and help children for a strong foundation in education right from childhood. Self explanatory video will be available for a quick glance of topics if students get doubts. Algorithms in the software automatically assess the students' performance and give revision reminders.

More revisions before the exam will help in students’ performing better. Right from academic subjects like English, Maths etc to skills like reasoning and communication, The Tuition Arena bridges all the gaps to make students perform better.

How to subscribe

Select Course

There are a wide range of subjects available on our website. The first step would be to select the course based on your requirement.

Make Payment

After selecting the course, you can select the preferred payment method and continue to the payment page.

Give Assessment

A quick assessment will be taken to analyse your child’s knowledge, strengths and weaknesses. This is useful to avoid repetitive classes as we will know what topics to start teaching from assessment.

Specialized Learning Journey

By utilizing all of this, we would be able to provide each student a specialized learning journey that addresses their unique needs and problems.

That would have given you a good idea regarding our services. We certainly expect you to have a lot of other doubts and as a general practice, we collected all of your frequently asked Questions in one page.

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