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When should my child start preparing for the 11 plus tuition?

The Tuition Arena - January 2021

When should my child start preparing for the 11 plus tuition

The young parents of the 21st century are highly sensitized towards the importance of high-quality education for their kids. All parents want their children to get into the best of schools and receive the best of education. While it’s heartwarming to see parents so dedicated and enthusiastic towards their child’s education, but are they equally aware of the means to achieve that? Well, not really!

Which grammar schools are the best for the child?

How to help the child prepare for secondary education?
Does my child need tuition?
Where to find the right kind of tuitions for the child?
so on and so forth…

It is common for young parents to struggle to find answers to these questions. It is worth noting that starting right from the pre-primary and primary levels to the point of getting into high school; education is a journey that requires critical decisions from the parents at each stage. And guess what? One of the most important stages for education in the country is clearing the 11 plus examination

eleven plus tuition slough

How should the child clear this exam and what is the right time to start preparing - this is the question that almost all parents struggle with.

Here, we help you find the answer to this important question related to 11 plus tuition, along with other important aspects of 11 plus. So, let’s start!

Understanding the Significance of 11 Plus Exam

Well, before you dig deep into it and decide when to send your child for 11 + tuition, it is important that you fully understand and appreciate the importance of the 11 plus exam itself. 11 plus is one of the most important exams that is administered to young students in the age group of 10-11 years. The exam is used as a means of selection for many institutions and grammar schools for the purpose of admission to the secondary classes. In other words, the 11 plus exam is an important hurdle that your child needs to pass as she transitions from primary schooling to the secondary one.

How does Tuition help?

There’s no denying the fact that tuition plays a very important role in preparing your child for 11 plus. While your cold goes to primary school, it is important to supplement the formal learning with additional assignments, practice sessions, evaluations, feedback, and personal mentorship teachers to effectively prepare your child to clear the exam. A specialized online learning platform that addresses the specific needs of the child and helps her get guidance in the specific areas where she lags is what can do miracles for her!

Importance of Developing a Learning Habit

Now that you understand the 11 plus exam and the role played by 11 + tuition in its preparation, let us know slowly move towards the core question at hand - when your child should start preparing for the 11 plus tuition.

A very important aspect to consider while deciding this is the importance of developing a learning habit in the child. Your child is able to learn the best when she is into a habit of learning on a regular basis and spend time with books and learning resources. If your child is psychologically prepared to study hard and for long durations of time, she is much less likely to struggle or give up when there is pressure and the going gets tough. And guess what? Like every other habit, this habit of studying takes time to develop and sometimes quite a long at that.

Therefore, it is important that 11 + tuitions should start early - as early as possible. We list out some more advantages of starting early with the 11 plus tuition, in the next section.

Advantages of Starting Early

Some of the key advantages of starting early with 11 plus tuitions for your child are,

  • Starting early gets your child into a habit of regular learning from the initial years itself
  • It complements the learning at school and helps your child internalize the concepts side by side
  • An early start ensures that there’s enough to e for practicing and gap identification
  • The child can get her doubts and issues clarified in a timely manner
  • The feedback and guidance provided by teachers boosts the child’s morale

Choosing the Right Kind of Tuition

Before you enroll your child into an 11 plus tuition, it is important that you choose the right tuition for your child. Good tuition would not be the one that imparts the same kind of school-like learning pedagogy to your child. Rather, you should choose a platform such as The Tuition Arena, which first helps your child identify the problem areas through extensive practice, and then provides customized guidance to resolve those problem areas. It will save your child’s time, effort, and optimize the learning outputs. Won’t it be amazing?!

The Right Time to Start

While it is important to start early, how early can it be? Well, we would recommend that the child can start with 11 plus tuitions as early as he/she turns 3! Does it seem too early, not too much? Well, not really

At this stage, the child would mostly be taught through games and activities. However, starting 11 plus tuition at this stage will go a long way in developing the habit of leaning that we talked about, and help your child succeed in the 11 plus exam eventually.

So, if your child is turning 3, you can definitely plan to enroll her in an online and child-centric 11 plus tuition platform such as The Tuition Arena. If your child is older, let’s say, 5 or 7 years old, and then you should most definitely enroll her on the platform!


The conclusion is crystal clear and simple when a parent chooses the right education platform or system for their child and starts their child early in their child's education journey then the parent is virtually guaranteed future success for themselves and their child and this is what we do at The Tuition Arena

Welcome to The Tuition Arena this is where your journey begins.

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