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My child is struggling with their homework, how can I help my child?

The Tuition Arena - January 2021

My child is struggling with their homework, how can I help my child?

Homeworks help reinforce what children learn at school. Doing homework imparts much needed skills such as independently reading and following the directions, managing and completing a set amount of work on time.

Since children now face much syllabus to read and master in much less time, Homework is becoming more and more prominent. However, not all students perform homework easily and enthusiastically and face many problems with it.

In this guide, let us discuss the ways you can help your children who are struggling with his/her homework to overcome it. Before going into it however, let us discuss why children struggle with homework in the first place. Understanding the source of trouble would be of great help in solving the problem.

Why do children struggle with homework?

There are a lot of reasons that make homework problematic for children, many of them may stem from a common source too. Let us see some of the most prominent reasons:

  • Students do not appreciate the value of homework:
  • They do not receive good feedback and acknowledge for their work
  • Students have problems with understanding the subject
  • Homework taking a lot of time
  • Students have a difficult time planning the homework

These, along with other minute reasons will give a hard time for students while doing homeworks.

How can you help?

From the previous discussion, you can see that there are generally two overarching reasons that cause problems for children: Students are not motivated enough and they do not have necessary skill and knowledge of doing it.

These two too are not mutually exclusive as one thing might cause another. So, in order to help them with their struggle, you have to make sure that you aim not only to give them the necessary knowledge of completing them, but also the necessary motivation. Let us see some of the ways that you can use to achieve this:

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Be the “Homework Project Manager”

Most teachers might tell that homework is a child’s responsibility which might imply that parents have nothing much to do in it. While the statement is certainly true, it isn’t completely.

Sure, doing their entire homework yourself doesn’t count as helping them, but you can be helpful just like a good project manager is helpful for a project. You can talk to them and help them to organize and schedule the work. Next, monitor and control them to understand if they have any problems and try to solve them.

Establish a homework routine in which you not only set a particular amount of time, but also set the specific time frame.

Having a homework routine will gradually help children to get used to it and feel free when doing the homework.

Generally, you can set the timings to be evenings after they ate their snack and freshened up. The amount of time required depends on the homeworks your child receives.

In the time allotted for doing homeworks, make it generally clear that no other things are allowed. However, do not imprint the concept of “Homework is seperate from play” as that causes the implication that “Homework is never fun”.

Don't force them --- Make them love the subject:

Don't say things like “Homework is your job”, “There is no other way than doing it”, while these may be true, the phrases like “job”, “Cannot get away from it” may carry a negative implication to them. Instead, tell them that this is a part of the learning process and make sure that your child is actually interested in the subjects they study.

3. Personalized Attention

The teaching pedagogy followed at the tuition centre should be such that it ensures personalized attention to each student. The tuition should focus on addressing the specific doubts of the student, rather than repetition of the concepts that the child already knows. Personal attention not only helps the child learn better but also boosts her confidence and motivation.

Be in regular touch with teachers:

Having a regular touch with teachers like attending Parent-teacher meets and also contacting them regularly will have you informed about the general happenings in school and specifically about your child.

If your child has any problems, you can communicate that problem to them and also sometimes, you would get information about any problems that your child might face. In the first scenario, the teacher might take the necessary steps for solving the problem and in the second, you can spend some more time on the problem. There would be plenty of online learning resources that you can use to help your child and also let them learn themselves with your guidance.

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Establish a reward system:

It is an intuitive behavior for humans to work for a reward. Sure, Homework might have its own rewards of improving the skill, but sometimes, you need to give other instantaneous rewards to satisfy and further motivate your children.

There are lots of choicers for rewards, but make sure that you do not explicitly link the activities your child likes to do, like playing video games with homework with saying like,” You cannot play video games until you do the homework”. In this case, homework becomes more of a chore they need to do to get what they want.

A Fact for teachers: Never include “No Homework” as a reward!

Don't leave them in a room!:

When you put your child in a room to do the homework, they may feel alone which might discourage them.

If you have many children, have a communal table and let them do all their homeworks together. Always make sure that you do not leave their side altogether and keep checking them often while they are doing their homework. You can help then and there if they are facing any problem.

Enroll them in good tuition:

If you are not able to delineate their actual problem or does not have enough time, then enrolling them in tuitions might be a good idea. Most of the time, the tuition faculty would be helpful and as they are highly experienced and knowledgeable, can solve the struggles of your child with their homeworks.

Final Words:

Children face problems with homework due to various reasons. Its important to understand the reason and follow correct steps for solving their problems. However, by taking certain general steps like, establishing a routine and being with them through organization, monitoring and controlling, motivating them to learn the subject, establishing a good reward system and others can surely help to solve the problem.

Enrolling them in tuitions is a great idea too. As the tuitions would have experienced faculty who are determined to help your child, most of their struggles would be solved. If you are looking for Tuition Centres in Slough consider our best tuitions!

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