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Will tuition help my child in their education?

The Tuition Arena - January 2021

Will tuition centres help my child in their education?

A holistic, efficient, and effective is indispensable for a bright life and career for your child. A good education helps your child evolve her personality. However, it is worth noting that education itself has evolved in a big way over a period of time. The way concepts and subjects are taught and learned are no more the same. In fact, modern-day education has largely been shaped by the demands of modern-day life and work.

Today, teaching and learning are much more than mere dissemination and accumulation of knowledge. Modern-day education should be the one that focuses more on the child’s understanding, creativity, articulation of facts, ideas, and opinions on things. Is your child acquiring all of these qualities through her education or not - this is a big question to ponder over. Are there any gaps in her education? How can these gaps be filled? Is tuition the answer? Is it worth investing in tuition fees? These are some other questions that a 21st-century parent must be looking to find answers to.

Here, we talk about the role of tuition in helping your child in education. However, before that, it is important to understand why tuitions are required and what necessitates the requirement of tuition for your child.

Why is tuition required?

The need for tuition arises primarily out of the shortcomings of the regular system of schooling and its inability to ensure an added holistic understanding of your child. Schools, even today, focus mainly on building a conceptual and theoretical base for the students. In most cases, the practical aspects of learning, understanding, and skill development of the child are completely neglected. Further, in the absence of tuitions, there’s no way that students can practice and clear their doubts in specific areas.

Therefore, tuitions are a much-needed add-on to schooling and complement and enhance everything that the child learns at school. How exactly does tuition help? Let us find out in the next section.

How does tuition help?

Tuition will help your child in the following ways.

  • By providing a reliable mechanism, a platform as well as additional time for studying
  • By offering mentorship and guidance for studying
  • By making the child practice regularly and improving
  • By resolving specific doubts and clearing concepts in which the child is struggling
Qualities of a Good Tuition centres - the tuition arena

Qualities of a Good Tuition

While now you know how important tuition is to help your child acquire and solidify the skills intended through education, it is equally important to know what comprises good tuition. Here we have listed down the 6 key qualities that you look for while choosing tuition for your child.

1. Well-qualified Teachers

One of the key aspects to look for in good tuition is the quality of the teachers and instructors associated with that tuition center. At the end of the day, it is only these teachers who are going to help your child in her learning journey. Well-trained and expert teachers can have a transformative effect on the learning ability of your child, and this is something that should never be compromised upon.

2. Focus on Understanding

The very purpose of the tuition is to achieve what the regular school teaching could not. Therefore, good tuition must focus on enhancing the conceptual understanding of your child and help her imbibe things rather than simply remembering them.

3. Personalized Attention

The teaching pedagogy followed at the tuition centre should be such that it ensures personalized attention to each student. The tuition should focus on addressing the specific doubts of the student, rather than repetition of the concepts that the child already knows. Personal attention not only helps the child learn better but also boosts her confidence and motivation.

4. Notes / Video Study Materials

The study materials provided by a tuition centre are an extremely important aspect of learning and good tuition must provide high-quality study and reading materials to the child. A modern-day tuition centre would offer solutions to the child’s problems in the form of videos. Further, the tuition should guide the children in preparing their own revision notes for future reference.

Gap Identification

Another very important feature of good tuition is that it helps your child identify the gaps in learning at an individual level. These are the gaps that are often left unattended by the school education and must be addressed in order to ensure holistic learning of the child.

5. Practice & Doubt Sessions

Finally, no learning can ever be perfect without constant practice. Good tuition would help your child practice on a regular basis, evaluate the performance, provide feedback, and resolve the doubts. This, in fact, is one of the primary ways how tuitions are better than schools at making the child learn and grow.

How can I find good tuition near me?

Now that you know what a good tuition centre comprises of, the obvious next question is how to find a good tuition centre for your child, and where to find one? Well, in the digital age that we live in, some of the best options for tuition are available online, in the form of digital platforms. In fact, online tutoring offers a lot of flexible and innovative learning options for the child. For example, the platform of The Tuition Arena helps your child practice on a regular basis, identify the areas of gaps, and then resolve those gaps in a comprehensive and time-bound manner. Isn’t it amazing?

Therefore, the focal point is that you can easily find high quality and customizable tuition solution for your child online, in the form of digital learning platforms.

Tuition, no doubt helps your child in her education. It, in fact, is one of the most effective ways of supplementing school education and filling up the gaps left over by it. If your child gets the right kind of tuition, the positive effects of it are going to reflect both in her academic performance as well as personality development. However, it is extremely important that you choose the right kind of tuition for your child.

Still, wondering “How can I find good tuition near me”? Enroll your child into the best online tuition centre today, and secure the future of your child. Contact us today to clear your doubts.

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