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Help your child with what he actually needs to be helped with!.

At The Tuition Arena, we help children with the problems that they are facing. We assign a set of questionnaires to test where they are at the learning stage. If your child is doing all good, there is no need for a tutor. Yay!

But in case, your child answers wrong, we know exactly where he needs a touch of improvement and a finger of guidance.

Also, you could ask our expert faculty to solve your query by dropping us the question in our The Tuition Arena App. Our experts will solve the query, make an explanatory video, and send it to you.

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Online Tuition in Slough

Our Courses

The top-notch Slough Tuition Centres to serve each child personally.

MATHS Tuition

The best online Maths Tuition in Slough for your child that will be customized to solve your query specifically. This is where we stand out in providing your child with the best-personalized video solutions to all their queries.

  • KS1
  • KS2
  • KS3
  • 11 plus

English Tuition

Here’s a solution for your child’s every confusion about absolutely anything that grammar has created. We help develop an attitude of understanding and implementing grammar easily in language.

  • KS1
  • KS2
  • KS3
  • 11 plus

11 Plus Tuition

11 Plus examination is the milestone of your child’s learning journey. Let’s make the milestone more in our favor, as we have the privilege to make it that way.

  • KS1
  • KS2
  • ADVANCE 11 plus

Knowledge Bank

The only bank where children can explore things on their own!.

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