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Home Schooling Essentials: What it is, Why it is important and Important Tips to follow

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Understanding Home Schooling

Home schooling is quite prevalent in UK and Commonwealth nations. Recently with COVID 19 crisis sweeping over the world and many educational institutions closing up, there is a further push to educate children in homes.

In this article, we will comprehensively discuss what homeschooling entails, why it is important and some tips for effectively carrying it out.

Understanding HomeSchooling:

While the term homeschooling might seem as just schooling at home, it isn’t necessarily that. “HomeSchooling” also involves frequent outings by parents along with their children (while that is not quite possible right now) to interact with the world and the homeschooling community and gain knowledge together.

So, basically, homeschooling refers to the education provided to children under the guidance of their parents/guardians without the children visiting a formal school and spending time there.

There is also a great variation as to how Homeschooling is practised. Some prefer an approach remarkably different from that of structured schools while others prefer to largely retain structured school’s approach.

Let us now understand why homeschooling is important in the present day and why any people choose to go for it.

Why Home schooling is important

Why Homeschooling is important:

Many people start Homeschooling their kids for a wide variety of reasons. Some like the flexibility and the personal connection they give while for some others it might be mandated by their context. Here, let us discuss some of the most common pros for choosing to homeschool your children:


This is the most visible advantage of Homeschooling. You can create a specific schedule that suits well with your family’s lifestyle. You could move at your child’s own pace. Also, you have the option of flexi-schooling where your child goes part of the week for school and the other part is educated under your guidance.

Less Student to Teacher Ratio:

With the One to One teaching that is possible with homeschooling, it is obvious that your child would get utmost attention in education than they might receive in a class of thirty. This gives more space for personalized learning.

Less Bullying:

Bullying is a considerable problem and is a common cause due to which parents adopt homeschooling. Not only bullying though, children could also have problems with fitting in the group at schools. Bullying would have serious effects on children.

Homeschooling gives you the advantage of absolutely no bullying as they would be under the protection of you. Most of the home education communities would be highly positive and welcoming groups.

High Control over curriculum:

While the National Curriculum is well laid out generally for all the students, it still is that general. Unlike the UK State schools, your Home school curriculum won't be bound to the national curriculum and you are free to teach your child that they are highly interested in and omit certain things.

However, with these advantages, there are also many other shortcomings and challenges. First of all, you have to pay for all the resources, tutors and examinations by yourself and carry out all the formalities. Also, there could be a skill gap between what you want to teach and what you already know. All of them give much stress and anxiety.

essential tips for effectively carrying out Home schooling

Tips for effectively carrying out Homeschooling:

A Diligent and well planned approach is necessary for Homeschooling. Here are some essential tips for effectively carrying out Homeschooling:

Create realistic Goals and appropriate curriculum:

Just as starting with anything, creating realistic goals is very important in homeschooling. Understand your real requirements and resources and based on that, create a curriculum that you can actually achieve.

Carefully layout the curriculum that balances the interests of yours and your child’s and also for the future. That is, if you plan to join them in a school at a later point in life, you cannot leave them undereducated than their peers.

Balance Strictly academic subjects with creative and life lessons:

Certainly core academic subjects like Mathematics and English are required for your children, life lessons and creative tasks are also needed for overall development of your child. The creative tasks do not need to be complex art though; just letting them build something with Lego can be a good thing.

Optimize the workspace and environment for learning:

If you are going for school at home, it is important to optimize your workspace and the general environment for learning by having all the required things in order and also having certain things for inspiration. Make sure that your child does not suffer from any distractions while learning.

Don’t just stick to a place though; changing the place of study once in a while would bring a sense of refreshment.

Tips for effectively carrying out Home schooling - tuition centres slough

Let them take charge:

It is good to thoroughly guide them through their education, but it is very integral to make sure that they are not completely depending on you. They must be independent to a degree and for there are many things you can do for that. For instance, give them a topic and a learning resource and ask them to study on their own and explain it back to you. This would also give them a sense of accomplishment for them!

Establish a routine:

You may already know, establishing a routine is very important. You are free to choose which time you teach your children, but by having a specific time allotted for studies can be a lot helpful in planning and controlling their study activity.

Don't just focus on work:

Just focusing on education all the time without play would bring drastic negative effects on children. Let them play actively and also put sufficient breaks in their study routines.

Final Words:

A decision for opting Home school education for your child is a tough one to make. But once you take it and start to implement it, there are a lot of things to do.

There would be many problems and specific doubts that you may get during homeschooling. It is not wrong to take help from someone who have been doing it for many years! As we have mentioned before, there would be a good amount of homeschooling communities that provide you a chance to learn more about homeschooling and for your children, a chance to socialize and cultivate lifelong relationships. You can also take expert help for educating your children!

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