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Maths Packages

The first stage in starting lessons at The Tuition Arena is to have an assessment carried out on your child to see what level your child comes out at and what are the exact gaps that your child has on their learning, knowledge, ability and skills.

It is pointless to teach advanced math topics, if your child doesn't really know the basics of math. We know this from our decades of teaching experience. Therefore, we make sure that your child learns the fundamentals of Maths before moving to the advanced level.

Standard Subscription

Weekly 1 Topic
  • Study at your own pace

  • Progress Email to Parents

  • Systematic Learning

  • Auto Homework Assignments

  • Email Support

Premium Subscription

Weekly 2 Topic
  • Study at your own pace

  • Progress Email to Parents

  • Systematic Learning

  • Auto Homework Assignments

  • Email Support

Package includes

7 Day Free Trial

On each subscription plan, we provide a 7-day free trial. If you don't like the course, you can cancel it at any time from your user dashboard within the first seven days.

1 Month Subscription

Each package comes with monthly subscription. There are no deposits or hidden fees other than the package amount to start with The Tuition Arena.

Study at your own pace

There are no time constraints for learning; your child can learn whenever and wherever they want, at their own pace.

Progress Email to Parents

Progress reports and test results are automatically emailed to parents so that they can see how well their children are doing with course.

Auto Homework Assignments

Each week, your child will receive auto homework assignments based on their learning progress.


For any queries or questions, we offer excellent personal support.

The Tuition Arena - A better and easiest way of learning

No time constraints for learning – children can learn at their own pace and speed!

Assessment – First step is to carry out an assessment to determine your child’s level of knowledge in a chosen subject.

Teach the gaps – Based on the assessment teach the gaps and not spend time on the things your child already knows.

Video solutions – Well explained and easy to understand animated video solutions

Revision system – Unique revision system to keep the work your child has already learnt with us

Homework – Auto homework assignment based on the topic covered in a week

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