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Best Science Tuition in Slough

Science is just our reasoning to justify nature’s phenomena. When it comes to a child’s curiosity, science remains no more just the reasoning and logic, it turns out to be the art. We keep science fun for them and make them ask more WHYs. We know, the more children are satisfied, the more they question. We encourage them to develop this attitude to question.

Best online Science Tuition in Slough

Answering students to make them question everything.

Science is actually part of our lives. We cannot just part these two aspects as separate entities. The earlier children take up this perspective about Science, the more exciting subject sounds to them. Science is not about serious discussions. It is about merely observing the things around us and enjoying the way they are working. This is what we wish to implement in our students from an early age itself.

Online Science Tuition in Slough

The better student is the better questioner!

The curiosity of every child differs. So does the depth of answer will differ for every student. Nature is one for everyone, but the pursuit of the same is unique. So are we.

Key Stage 1

Introducing a child with animals, birds, trees, plants, family members, and himself. This introduction is fun with some rhyme.

Key Stage 2

Your child thinks that hitting back the chair that hurt him, will resolve the issue. Time to let them know - there is a difference between animated and non-animated things.

Key Stage 3

How do I do what I do? Well, that’s just the default process. The stage where your child learns that he breaths with his lungs and heart too.

Key Stage 4

Your child needs to know where the digestion process begins. And where the digestion process of his pet begins. And about his plants’ as well.

Best Science Tuition in Slough

Personalized Science tuition in Slough

Science seems so much fun and engaging when your child gets what he is seeking. And then, when he questions every answer that he has sought. The series of questions actually takes him from nowhere to the universe and back to his doggy. Your child has his own set of questions that may outbar the syllabus’ frame. We at The Tuition Arena, make it easier for your child, to comprehend what he wishes to, by keeping the academic syllabus under consideration.

Every child has his own question

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