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The language of children is only one - adorable one. However, their struggle while learning the language is what we could never understand. There is so much to grammar, that we have to take a reference from search engines even today. Here’s everything that your child will need to have when it comes to the English language as a subject.

Best online English Tuition in Slough

Communicating with students to comprehend their language.

English seems pretty easy. But it is not. Especially when it comes to children, they make some silly mistakes which can be understood while they are still children. The language is a deep-rooted science of sounds and it is actually filled up with the whole richness of culture on its own. To understand the depth of language, every child should have that attitude. Language creates personality. And it needs to be learned in the same manner.

Online English tuition in slough

We look at the language from a child’s eye

What if English is your mother tongue, you still need the right mentor to understand its depth. Language is your voice, your thoughts, emotions, and identity.

Key Stage 2

Writing is the most amazing part of any language. The sounds that you hear are actually brought to life by writing them down. We teach students to shape phonics.

Key Stage 3

The depths of language is in its vocabulary. Every synonym and antonym imparts the word a new meaning. That’s what your child learns at this stage.

Key Stage 4

Comprehending the language is the beginning of learning the language. Here, your child is taught with lessons and poems, where he has to understand someone else’s point of view.

Mind your child's tongue today.

Rather than minding his language tomorrow!

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