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Best 11 plus Tuition in Slough

Good grades in an examination are the gateway to a brighter career. We at The Tuition Arena know the importance of 11 plus exam for you, and thus we make it way easier for you. Instead of learning and investing time in what your child has already mastered, we focus on something really meaningful to your child. What matters to your child the most, matters to us. Simple as that.

Best online 11 plus Tuition in Slough

Testing your child’s aptitude beforehand to excel 11 plus.

Your child is appearing for the 11 plus exam for the first time. But we are well experienced. We know what 11 plus is exactly looking for. So, we first understand your child thoroughly. We have a set of questionnaire ready for them so that we would know what your child’s strengths and weaknesses. On the basis of the same, we would guide him for further preparation. Also, we have a module where your child is allowed to ask the question and he will be answered with an explanatory video made for him personally.

Online 11plus tuition in Slough

The exam is generalized, career and learning aren’t.

11 plus examination is the milestone of your child’s learning journey. Let’s make the milestone more in our favor, as we have the privilege to make it that way.

Key Stage 2

It is actually fun to crack the non-verbal reasoning. It discovers the students’ reasoning abilities. We help them to get better at it by developing their attitude in such a manner.

Best 11 plus Tuition in Slough

Customized 11 plus tuition in Slough

11 plus tuitions in slough are plenty. However, we at The Tuition Arena are focused on the students’ status. That’s where we stand apart! We respect every student’s time and effort. If your child doesn’t need any full-time tuitions, he should have the privilege to choose the needful. We are a team of faculty that guides students on demand. In case, a student needs a guide for only one question, we are still open. From just a single query to the entire syllabus, we are in service of students’ demands.

Career is the sum of our choices.

Why not choose to excel!

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